Gorilla Glue n'Chips

by Z3ro The Comet

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Z3ro The Comet Presents His First Official Project
Gorilla Glue n'Chips (The Transitional)


released 17 July 2013

Composed//Engineered//Performed//Designed by Z3ro The Comet



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Monster or Maestro
Every time you look at me
You see the monster in my eyes
If you could only help me grow
We could be in paradise
Be happy ever after
And there would be no more tears
Eternal peace is what I’m after
Baby girl you could help me understand
The monster inside of me

I’ve got this sound that resides deep down inside of me
But I’m so damn afraid to let it show
'Cause we all know that if it ain’t
Boom Bap or Trap then it’s unacceptable

Nah nigga fuck that tired of all this dumb crap
Trapped by the claps, the blaps and fuckin' hi-hats
We’s free but niggas still afraid to step outside the box
Don’t get it twisted cause I’m in love with hip-hop

But we treating her like an old hoe all she wants is some new clothes
Deserves the finer things not these hand-me-downs and hobos
Basically raised me used to clothe me too... shit
Probably the reason why you dress and act like you do

Said I used to let her dress me but she changed quite a bit
Used to be about the art but now she don’t give a shit
She jaded... wishing these chuck and jivers would quit
Till I seen her smirk at the sight of me doing something... different

The monster inside of me
(Ad-libs, Ad-libs)
The monster inside of me
The monster inside of me

Everything this nigga touch clashes
I heard he could see the sounds of the future through his glasses
Hashtag AfroHavingAss
Little do they know my music has an impact similar to Cassius

My words sting like Akeelah and the bee
And fuck a butterfly we taking jetpacks through the galaxy
Often see an alternate way of doing the same thing
My art is jewelry y'all stuck on that bling-bling

Same topic, different amount of respect
Protect your neck someday I may just cut your check
Two G-shocks everybody’s like what the heck
But I see no shade I popped the lenses out my specks

For those questioning what I sound like
Elroy fucking Pebbles underneath the starlight
A nigga from the future his heart in the past
You shouldn’t mix the two I heard they won’t sound right!... Right?

The monster inside of me
(More Ad libs! and gun shots...)
The monster inside of me

Frankenstein isn’t a monster
Actually Frankenstein isn’t even the monster
Frankenstein was the name of the creator
And we’ve been calling the creator the monster this whole time
Anyway the creation if you will
Was actually this being with a very innocent mindset
It’s just that its presentation was so unorthodox and so intimidating
That... you know... instead of embracing it
We throw stones to get rid of it
Cause you know "this is not right this is different
It looks wrong and it sounds wrong" but
I don’t think it was "wrong" I think it was just...
(The monster inside of me)... misunderstood... honestly
Track Name: Nerf Guns n'Yo-Yos
I’m the type of nigga that likes to have fun
... So run nigga run
Cause I sling yo-yos and I tote Nerf guns
I sling yo-yos and I tote Nerf guns

Nerf Guns, Yo-yos
That’s that shit that, I do like
And I repo like that nigga Deebo
Upper cutting these niggas, and taking they bikes

Nah nigga, I said nah nigga
You ain’t really ‘bout that life
Hitting up the studio with an unfamiliar flow
Cause niggas know I’m ‘bout to go off on that Blue mic

Prankster on the low once I’m on the roll
Ain’t no stopping my jokes kid
When I’m with my crew don’t now what I’ll do
But I know it’ll be some dumb shit

I be laughin' at everything cause my sense of humors high
So hard sometimes it brings tears to my eyes
And some of y’all claim that I’m too grown
But I can tell you one thing I’m enjoying my life


I be calling my studio my space station
Basically that’s my Playstation
And it comes with me when I’m on the go
Cause it’s more fun to me than a vacation

Fuck mushrooms I get high off cartoons
Sometimes some weed but that’s only with the goons
Pounding on cafeteria tables with a fists and a spoon
And popping all your little kids balloon

I bet I sound like an ass but I’m not
Ok maybe I am but that’s because I have a lot of energy
Can’t wait for the day that my friends and my enemies
Learn that kid comet gang can set ‘em free

...Permanently childish
Fuck yo swag everything that we do is stylish


I don’t remember asking for your opinion (x4)
(Comet... Gang... KID COMET GANG...) (x2)
I do the shit that I do ‘cause I think that it’s dope (x4)
(Comet... Gang... KID COMET GANG...) (x2)
Track Name: Told'ya So
Kid Comet Gang listen
Alright now

I'ma do what I said I would
I'ma do what I came to do
I'ma do what y'all niggas can't
The difference between me and you is
I'ma do what I said I would
I'ma do what I came to do
I'ma do what y'all niggas can't
The difference between me and you is
Boy there ain't nothing you can tell me
What there ain't nothing you can tell me
Boy there ain't nothing you can tell me
What there ain't nothing you can tell me

Click clack boom straight up out the womb
Ready to consume any challenge that attacks me
Tupac once said anybody can but touched
But that can only be true if I ever let you catch me

I am about my word if I say it, it's done
If I say I'm coming for you I suggest that you run
Ain't nobody stopping me unless the Lord says I'm done
Think into existence if I speak it then it becomes

That's a blessing of mine strength through sprit and mind
I am on fast forward I cant fuck with with all y'all rewinds
Y'all niggas half ass that is why you get left behind
Brail on you niggas you can feel the words I design

Yo... I've got to know
Why niggas think it's okay to talk about shit that they cant show
Wit yo stupid ego you should bring it to low
Cause if I got to show you up then it's a wrap for you hoes


Now ain't it just a shame that the slain are the same niggas
Droppin' niggas names for some fame
In hopes to gain some kind of acclaim and a chain
Only to find their word is worth less than some pocket change

Doubtful discussions come plenty
Probably why i am so ready
Most of ya'll niggas are softer than pots of soggy spaghetti
Never let words carry more weight than strands of confetti

Dirt off my shoulder I aint slowing down for any
ONE because I'm Z3RO
And I tolerate none cause I'm in control
Tivo, Debo, Mi amigo

Don't seem like you could translate your speech
Into actions cause you fleet at the idea of defeat
For most I guess that's a hard shoe to fit
So much easier to talk shit

Talking to me on that "Radda, Radda"
Quit it cause I ain't having it
Most of y'all niggas done lost tryna live like Rick Ross (BAWSE)
Calling yourself a Boss but you ain't paid no cost.


Bitch, you cant tell me nothin'
Nigga, you cant tell me nothin'
Nope, you cant tell me nothin'
Wish a nigga would tell me somethin'
Track Name: Friday Night
It’s Friday night lets do it right
I gotta couple drinks and the candle lights
It’s Friday night lets do it right
I gotta couple drinks and the candle lights
It's just me and you tonight (x4)

It’s Friday... we ain’t doin' shit
So lay down... and relax a bit
Let ya hair down... let me ease ya stress
Turn some music on... and massage ya neck

You lookin’ so seductive... girl I love it
I wanna touch you... but that might be destructive
Clothes ripped to the point you may as well strip
Red wine take a sip let me kiss the rest off ya lip

Who told you that it was all right... to wear ya clothes so tight
Well tell em’ I said thank you cause you took the night
You doin’ me right... I wanna do you the same
I just moved in and my neighbors don’t know me so can you please tell em my name

You gotta be loud... let ya voice linger
I can give you a hand... or a couple of fingers
Gotchu biting ya lip eyes roll back tighten ya grip
Moans turn into oh shit so... I’m guessin’ that ya liking it


The night’s young best believe I'ma do something
House party dubbing
So free you can't tell her nothing
Fuck the police in other words anti-cuffin’

Loving the way she moving her hips to the beat
Licking your lips every time our eyes meet
Turnin’ me on you better cut it out
You came witcha man I'ma make you leave without

Beyond the shadow of a doubt I'm gunna
Take it down as soon as I get ya number
As soon as we’re through you’re not gonna wanna
Ever be with another

...Hit it to the beat... no music
...We could hit the sheets... and go stupid

I wanna get to know ya... possibly get to show ya
That when I hold ya... bliss
Got you ignited... lookin’ so excited
You can’t even hide it... lets get outta this bitch

Track Name: Ritalin

I don't give a fuck who look at this
who laugh who don't laugh cry whatever
fuck all you motherfuckers i don't like none
of you bitches because none of you bitches
did shit for me but when I'm banking imma give
y'all alil $5 or $10 back but bitch until then
wait til the next Epi-(got damn)-sode

You should pay attention to the
People that you keep in your
Circle cause you would never know
What their plans for you are and what they plan to do

I keep my circle tighter than I wear my t-shirts
Tighter than the collar on a beast of a creature
Most of you think that you're sitting on the sidelines
But honestly I've been keeping you in the bleachers

... I don't need no features
I can do this on my own until I beat my teachers
And Ima have 'em all wearin' my t-shirts
And throwin' COMETS as I come through the speakers

I trust no man that's not a practicing preacher
So you better be able to walk your talk
Most of y'all are startin' to sound cripple so I
Gotta listen to you with more than a grain of salt

Now days you don't even have to read niggas
You tell your friends and they tell me nigga
You think I'm blind to the lies you supply but I've
Been reading between the lines ever since the first time


Please stop tryna flatter me boy
Hop off my dick before I get annoyed
'Cause I can feel the hate behind joy
That you display as just a decoy

I can see the I'll that is in your will
Plottin' to destroy everything that I build
Vicious attempts for my attention
No need for retention 'cause my gang is distilled

For all of y'all having trouble understanding me
I'm filtering the foolishness from my facility
Handfuls that are only here for hindering
Proposing with rings meant for splintering

Bear traps and land mines on
Landscapes they've designed for
You nigga open your eyes theres a grimace in disguise
Waiting for your demise to surprise you


Schemin' ass niggas thievin' ass niggas
Suck your teeth and roll your eyes when I turn around ass niggas
Debbie downer ass niggas 2 faced flounder ass niggas
Smile in my face then cross your fingers behind your back ass niggas
Slick ass niggas "tricks are for kids" ass niggas
Let me hold on to that Ima give it back he never gives it back ass niggas
Bro I got your back turn around and batman your ass ass niggas
Get away from me nigga theses are the reason i hate y'all niggas

Track Name: Go!
I see beyond tomorrow
This life of strife and sorrow
My freedom calls and I must go
I MUST GO (x8)

3, 2, 1, Z3ro lift off
Ever since I began y’all been pissed off
Because I came from literally no where
And the odds are whatchu doin’ is a spin off

If I were you I would also be tight
Thinkin’ to my self that I’m doing alright
Just to find out that I’m bout to get left
'Cause some nigga wit an Afro is about to take flight

It’s always been a rampage when I hit the stage
Guns ablaze Nerf bullets in ya neck
(BANG! BANG!) If you ain’t a supporter yet
You gonna be when I’m done wit my set

I’ve got your favorite rapper
loosing control of his soul
Screaming out (I must go)
There ain’t room for the both of us.

I can’t understand how you can
stand still and still Think that you’re the man
Imitating other niggas plans
You are not an innovator you are just a fan

At this rate you will never be in demand
Until you accept your own face
Before you learn to fuck you gotta
Learn how to masturbate.

You can’t please them if you can't please you
Everything that you do is see-through so nigga
(What'chu gonna do?)
Create something new or be mister me too

Had to make the same decision as well
Till I realized this place was hell though
Decided I’m gonna create my own world
You can keep this shit I’m on a higher level so nigga I’m gonna (GO!)


I asked a couple niggas where they wanna go?
They said nigga I don’t know
Then they said well I wanna go up
But where the fuck is up if we all stuck to the floor?

Been searchin’ for an answer for a min
A second ago was ready to give in
‘Cause nobody had the knowledge to give it
Till I noticed the answer was never hidden

Everybody is bent on being the best
Which has to be the stupidest quest
No one man can hold that title
Especially cause you don’t speak for the rest

Up to you is up to you
So my up and your up can be different
So it doesn’t really matter what direction you take
As long as you remain persistent my nigga

...So I’m always gonna create
I’m gonna go forward and paint
The way that I see space

I’m gonna dress my supporters
In a way that’ll innovate
Develop my own way for me to
Sonically communicate

I’m gonna collaborate with the nigga that said
My nigga you can do it too
I’m gonna try to remain as real to me
As I am to you

And I’m gonna pray to God before
Each and every single one of my shows
And one of these days I’m gonna motivate you
As did my heroes and even after I'ma (GO!)