The Crate [2012]

by Z3ro The Comet

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Literally a Crate/Collection of any music/projects Z3ro has
-and so on that he feels the need to share with the world.
(Contents uploaded may not be in the order they were created.)


released 14 March 2012



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Regular Show
Keep your mouth shut till I ask for your opinion
Please do not make me go to the back to get the minions
Tell them to come through with the onions and start the peeling
Gotchu niggas cryin' and catchin' all kinds of feelin's
I don't give a damn bout what you think about my work
Say what again I will go Samuel Jackson berserk
Or worse... Tyson your children eat them for dinner
And if your lucky I might just save your wife for desert
I plan to stomp out these little niggas like a flame
"Yoga Yoga" Thats my game
All of you bitch niggas do is complain
Life's so hard and I can't contain
Myself whenever you're here it pains
My soul because I know I'm a lame
I cannot help but slander your name
In hopes that it might give me fame
... Nigga... shut up with your special ass
Everything that you say no matter how serious makes me laugh
You go as hard as the yellow sponge thats in my bubble bath


I jump around this padded room
with my jacket on like a psychopath
Nigga do the math you can't divide me
Ill be damned if you multiply me
Imitated never duplicated
So obnoxious when y'all niggas try me
Some of y'all might think I'm grimy
Thats ok cause you ain't slick
And you ain't shit
I got something for that head of yours
Suck on my spec
-tacular vernacular Okay
Carry more weight than that nigga Rosey
Fuckin' the game like a squad of trojans
This is not "For Play"
I am so focused MAaaan
Throwin Throwin Comets at your planet with my hand

4x] TeamAlwaysWinning (x4) TeamAlways Hashtag!
Track Name: The Calm
Stop telling me that you love me if you don't mean it (x3)
Just keep that shit for you're friends
Stop telling me that you love me if you don't mean it (x3)
Just keep that shit for you're friends

Despite of the fact and gap there's an age difference
I'm stooping it down a little this phase might take a minute
Pretty girl insecure but you can't tell through pictures
...Got damn she loves to take them pictures

I'm on my grind trying to pay tuition
You keep these dudes around because you know you love attention
Not to mention you know that they give you comfort
And this is why you keep us undercover

(Stop tellin' me that you love me if you don't mean it)
I'm not cheating guilty conscience can be deceivin'
It's about your third time going out this weekend
Don't put it in your head that I'm not leaving

It's funny how you allow your friends into our relationship
But I will never forget how ol' girl keep asking me me to hit
You so committed to her you but you can't really see how she is
She's telling you to hit and quit 'cause she wants to be with this

She's giving you advice for her best interest
While I'm trying to do you right and you just want to diss
We better go our separate ways
Just thinking of it I can see them better daze


I really believe that we could be together
But it's clear that you don't want to weather
The storm Bonita Applebum
I tried to keep you on but you threw me to the swarm

Welp, that's okay
'Cause if that's the way you feel at the end of the day
Allow me to open the door so you can make your way
To your girlfriend's house who got nothing but shit to say

With her lonely ass.
Tryna break apart all the love that we have
Jealousy... That is a destructive path.
Mischievous methods with a psychopathic laugh

Do the math she hates that we are To-
Gether because she cannot be with you
So she continues with her solo rendezvous in hopes to destroy
All the relationships you pursue

That sounds like something that haters do.
Yet me and her share your "I love you"
Sincerely, I want the best for you,
But if you walk out that door, me and you are through...
Track Name: Fots Shired
Creatively our minds exceed theirs
It is rare to find someone who doesn’t judge us by what we wear
Or our hair they stare and tend to start rumors
Laughing at the haters your sense is my humor

Reason and Logic on your computer none in your brain
And a crowd of idiots surround you my intentions not obtained
You’re a Pro Tool am I going to have to go Goku to show dudes
I’m too raw they too flawed and I’m jigsaw

Do you want to play a game I’m insane and enraged by
All of the shit the haters do all of the shit the haters say
Yeah boy you Flavor Flav better put they Viking caps on
When I run up on em with that shiny thing and my ski mask on

Like (BLAT! BLAT!) They scatter quit wit all that chatter
I’m from Soundview bullet crown crew when I separate they matter
Everything is purple sometimes I add some green
This is what happens when mister nice guy turns to mister mean.

Hey there little guy dry your eyes
It’s no surprise that you disguise
Your hate for me in the form of lies
Nice try do it again and I’ll take your life

You spineless bastard you look so foolish
Slapping you around with your own spinal fluids
I smile because you didn’t think that I would do it
It's done and you got the battle scars to prove it

I know... you think that I’m kidding but I’m not
The last guy who thought that I was got shot
Blowing up your spot like a dot on Photoshop
Unjustly beating niggas down like the cops

I’m disowning you all like your daddy woulda
I’m also beatin’ ya momma like ya daddy shoulda
She asked me to be your daddy I said no
But just keep it in the back of ya head that I coulda

I’m different, I know, it shows
I cannot really help if my glow is exposed
No I will not dispose of my Afro just so
I can fit in with all you regular shows

It’s funny how simplistic y’all dipshits are
That’s not the North Star that’s where I set the bar
(That’s…that’s far)
(Damn my nigga that shits far)

One shot to all you clones
'Nother shot for all you haters
Third shot for all you shy-guy-wanna-be-fly-talk-shit name slayers
One shot for all you fakes and bums who don’t know a damn thing about labor
This is another shot fired from Z3RO The Kid Comet Ganger

(Laugh) Yup...
Track Name: PlyGrndLve
You should be mine
I don't... Know what... I was... Thinking... Back then... But I know
You should be mine
Maybe... God will... Bring us... Together... Another time... Who knows

We met in kindergarten she had the cooties
We got a little older she grew some boobies
Her mother used to tell her that I was a cutie
She still does and I still think that you are a beauty

It's funny 'cause my niggas told me bout this model
Internet sensation everyone would follow
Little did they know that Americas next
Was a friend of mine we go back to the swing sets

Grinding on the playground
Not the way we do now but making the sounds
Of the beat that Pharrell made the Clipse
Should've warned your friend that loose lips sink ships

Ya know when you weren't around she told me that you liked me
I liked you too but relationships were frightening
Guess it carried over 'cause I'm still afraid to commit
But if I could go back I'd tell myself to go for it.


You should... be
Track Name: Media Girl (Prod. By Marsz)
You're not her, so what you doing
Close the magazine and stop all the youtube viewing
Girl open your eyes and look at what you're pursuing
A faux amore granted by the media's influence

mMm is that you? 'Cause I... I... I... I couldn’t tell
Putting yourself through hell 'cause the hoes on the TV sayin'
Might as well! 'Cause if your titties ain't D's not rockin' Chanel
Waist anorexic ass like the shelf of the books you ain't readin'

Your smarter than that, your beautiful to me don’t need that crap
Not cursing at you 'cause you don’t deserve it
God made you the way that you are so perfect
But all these surgeries and these financial things that you think that you need to impress us is worthless...

(Not to me) To me though (Why?) 'Cause I know
(What?) Who you were before the media... But you don’t...

Like stars falling right through the sky
Your minds running like river nile
But this just going with the times times (Oh Woooah)
Life's a paradise while you die...
Is that what you want now darling
Is that what you need now lady
The moon and the sky comes crashing down
Who said it would be that easy

Observant little girl in front of the screen
Watching these house wives kick and scream
Talentless women attention they fein
Are these the things that our future will bring

I pray not 'cause if this is so
I promise I will not let go
Of the chokehold that I put you in
For calling the woman in my life stupid hoes

And I don’t really give a dam if it's a song
(Bitch wrong is wrong)
And every single person thats singin' along
Needs to think about the message that they're caring on

Whatever happen to the "Soul Sista"?
And what happen to your SOUL sista?
Your ego took control of the show and now theres a black-
Hole you can’t close I miss ya

(But I’m here) You're not though (Why not?) Cause I know
(What?) Who you were before the media but you don’t

Track Name: I Look Right
I've made up my mind, don't need to think it over
If I'm wrong I am right, don't need to look no further,
This ain't lust, I know
This is love... but...

I don't need to think it over if I look right...
I need to look right...
Don't need to look no further I look right...
Track Name: First Milli
First milli first milli (woah) What I'ma do nobody knows (x3)
But I but I know one thing is for sure
Me and my teams gonna have money t'blow
First milli first milli (woah) What I'ma do nobody knows (x3)
But I but I know one thing is for sure
Me and my teams gonna have money t'blow

What would I get with a million, I'd prob'ly get my fam straight
Get a couple shares of stocks and donate to a landscape
Get my mama's place paid, then get her a new one
Put her in a safe space, she don't need no coupons

I go and I do what needs to be done drive black man no keys when u done
Push to start my people become that might be y'man but dude is my son
One big pull no weed to the sun who knew now that we'd be the one
To reach for the gun, to pled for the rum No need for the gun, we need to rerun

The "listic" of "material" makes the kids all cereal
Trendy shit cyclinical, but makes the kids all cynical
Lifting up for my city, holding down my town
What would I do with a milli? prob'ly wouldn't buy the crown

Money make tomorrow feel like it was last night (x4)


My team is fucking crazy 'cause we always want the truth and
People think they wanna know but shit is really so uncool
'Cause all the money and the power, it can break a couple rules
But the completion of your life is something you can really lose

It's Profound the fuckin' prophet, and Z3ro the fuckin' Comet
You not talking 'bout a profit we don't need your fuckin' comments
I don't send shots, I call the base'n tell em bomb it
Make you bitches get a bonnet, sing a sonnet, till you vomit

But I got it, wish you had it, but you can't force it unless you had the force
But the Jedi can't endorse it your shit of course, your shit is horse shit
I'm just saying I'm not playing your shit is not entertainment
I'm serious like a funeral, like a dead squirrel, on the pavement (SPLAT)

To all the people that were stunting I say the same shit
I already gave my fucks to all the people that I came with
I gave you three hands and a fuck you at the ending
That's sixteen for the snails, obituary pending

What the fuck would you do with your first milli
Don't know about y'all but I might just go silly
Bouncin' around from city to city and
Titty to titty my nigga you feel me?

(Ha ha ha ha) Wait really? (no)
But I know that's the average nigga dream though
But since I'm not the average nigga let me repo that
Dumbass idea from your cerebral (hold up)

Momma gets a crib brother/sister get a car
My circle eats while the rest of you starve
Invest the rest in the studio so the kid comet gang
Can continue dropping bars

If you wasn't there when I wasn't making a profit
Nigga put ya mothafukin' hands back in your pocket
(Stop it) My team's on a rocket to the moon
So my first milli's just gas money for the starship (WHEEW)

Track Name: Error
All I see is mothafuckin’
Errors all over the place!

All I see is errors, mistakes, fakes,
Looking like Canal Street in the face
Neck brace, take it easy for your neck breaks
Cause you don’t wanna be the nigga that I checkmate

All of y'all niggas are pawns
You wait for the media before you respond word is bond
Cause since when was it okay
For a nigga to turn his black hair to blonde?

(DeadA$$…What the fuck son?)

Don’t you got bills to pay?
14 years old and a son on the way? Yet
All you’re worried about is an Xbox and some fresh
Kicks that you just put on layaway?

Clearly your priorities ain't straight
How long you think that you could masturbate
Cause nobody wants a deadbeat dad
With no degree that can't provide food on their plate!

(Really my nigga?…Really?)

So one of y'all niggas better fess up
Say it with your chest lil nigga for I "Mess up"
"Blessed up" Turn you into a "Holy" nigga
Looking like Swiss cheese dipped in ketchup

Whoa sorry that is so unlike me
And honestly that is so unlikely
Everybody talking this life that they don’t really live
Just so they can fit in with the hypebeast?

(Again… Again with the fucking malfunctioning shit... Seriously right now?)

Little girls hoeing around
Black kids missing, white kids found
Grown ass men gettin’ gagged and bound by a
9-5 that can't hold their family down

Everything on the radio sounds the same driving me insane
Can we hear some change and we the niggas to blame
Cause every time someone tries something different
The only we can think of is lame!

Yes I know there is a damn malfunction
(So what do we do?) Really my nigga?
Stop feeding into the fucking corruption! (BANG BANG)